Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A very well written article about the nature of spirits, and spirit work. This is WHY you should know what you're doing folks...


Sunday, 23 September 2012


Whilst browsing the other evening on a few forums dedicated to talks about spirit work, I came across a thread about my Lady la Santissima Muerte. On it, one person mused that when thinking of taking up some work with La Senora de Las Sombras, she should come with a DISCLAIMER; a warning to those who may be unprepared to take on the responsibility.
I'd like to just add my two cents to that comment. First of all, you DO NOT work with La Santissima Muerte; SHE works with YOU. In a worrying recent trend, it seems as if every conjurer, every magician and sorceress is jumping on the Santa Muerte wagon, eager to proclaim their allegience to this powerful spirit with such a fierce reuptation. But let me ask you something; how many of these folkies have really sat down and realized that it is DEATH they are conjuring? Now, I'm not saying  their calling isn't legit. It's not for me to decided that obviously; what you've got going on with your own spirits is your business. But in this worrying trend, it just seems as if too many people are saying they are 'working' with her, without possibly not understanding the implications of that statement.
There is a reason why she has such a fierce reuptation; She is DEATH. Did anyone miss that? OK, again for the cheap seats in the back, SHE IS DEATH HERSELF. She is NOT some version of the Wiccan Goddess; you cannot lump her with Diana Astarte Bastet Innana. That would just be insulting, to all those spirits origins. Some say she is the modern reincarnation of Michtecacihuatl, the Aztec goddess of death and the underworld. Her followers range from the most docile and innocent, to the drugs cartel warlords, prostitutes and criminals.
Now, with all this in mind, do these folks truly understand her nature? I was called by her just over a year ago now. I had heard of her infamous reputation; her power to bring back wandering estranged lovers, grant any manner of wishes, and fufill all hopes and dreams. Yet I was also very much aware of her much darker, primal aspect; her ability to handle and deliver justice to wrongdoers in whatever gruesome way she deemed appropriate.
I spent an entire year thinking over the idea of asking her for assistance and her blessings, and over the course of the yeat I received numerous signs. I would see her image EVERYWHERE. She would turn up in the most unlikely places; once she even appeared, with her owl and scythe, in a painting, in a little art gallery. She also used to turn up in my dreams. IN one particularly moving dream, I saw myself before three seperate altars, all carrying images, votives and statues of her in her three primal colours, receiving her blessings. ONLY then did I know for sure that she was tying to speak to me.
A year on, and I cannot even begin to express my thanks for all the work she has helped me with.
But am I still afraid and apprehensive of her? YOU BET! Only now, there is a more revering, loving respectul fear of her.
So, to sum up, I think the person who said that she should come with a disclaimer, was on the right tracks. She will ONLY work with you, if she has come to you and personally plucked you out of the bunch.
My warning, if anyone is interested to adhere, is DONT go looking for her, She will come to YOU, if that is what she wants.
She is the most Holy Death, the Santissima Muerte, the ultimate Judge. And I love her.
Gracias Santa Muerte por todo en mi vida!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Name change

Please all note that the name of this blog, and the subsequent address, has now changed to The Two-Headed Pot(www.thetwoheadedpot.blogspot.com).


Friday, 21 September 2012

The Hiatus. And the Satisfaction

Most breaks are planned; you plan when you're going to go on that bi-annual vacay; you plan when you're going to take that week off because work is getting too stressful; you plan when you're going to be out of town for a month, on a trek across the countryside.

My haitus, as we shall call it, was not planned. I did not plan to take any sort of break from hoodoo, but spirits tend to work on thir own agenda, and a break is exactly what I got. A two month one, as a it transpired.
During that time, I found myself diverted by all manner of pretty things ;) Not once in that whole time, however, did I forget the allegience I owe to my spirits, but I did not perform any sort of working during that period. Some would say, and I would agree under other circumstances, that when you have no juju to do, it must mean you're life is ticking along pretty well.
Well, as life would ultimately have it, it WAS a potentional disaster that had me heading for my workspace to carry out some emergency jujuing!
And my mighty Dynamic Duo came through for me once again! Not nearly an hour after finishing the first round of 'assaults', and I recieved a sign that the work has been put into motion and is working. NOW THAT IS HOODOO at it's best folks!

Apart from my mighty spirits, I also had the aid of a certain wonderful friend, also a professional Hoodoo, and together we NAILED IT. Praise!

So, with that all in mind, I am officially back in business. What a Snap Crackle and Pop moment!
Below is a list of my specialities; please note that NONE of these services come without a reading/consultation and prior consent of my spirits. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, I am available on my profesional email at msdconjure@gmail.com.
PLEASE don't ask me to do anything for free; just don't.

*Inspiring Love and Lust and Commitment in a SPECIFIC target(I do not do general love attraction spells)
*Break up
*Reconciliation of a couple


For varying reasons, this is only type of work I offer at the moment.

God bless!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cheating Man and Wife are Found Stuck Together After Husband Hires Juju Man to Curse Them

Hey folks,

Ahh yes, the ol' 'stick-those-cheating-dogs-together' curse. This was some pretty powerful juju done here, and on top of being stuck together like horny limpets, the ENTIRE village it seemed learned to know of their extra-marital affair. And it made national headlines and internet coverage. Humiliation in the extreme don't ya think? ;)



Friday, 20 April 2012

New Orleans calling and the Miracle of Synchronicity

Evening peeps!

So here's a to do; a few weeks back, whilst praying at my space to San Expedito, and giving thanks for some recent work done, I suddenly, pretty much out of nowhere, got the sudden urge to go on a pilgrimage to a Saint Expedite shrine.

Now, this is no easy feat. The Catholic Church has been trying for quite a long time now, to eradicate the existence of this precious Santo. Last I checked, I think he got de-sainted(is that even a word??). He fell into the realms of folk magic, where he has a huge following. And of course, just because he got demoted, doesn't mean Catholics stopped praying to him.

There are very few official statues of churches left that are dedicated to him; one such place, curiously, where you can still find him in abundance, and where he has his own cult however, is the Reunion Islands.
Another place is New Orleans, where his statue stands proudly in Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

So, back to the flash of inspiration, and I'm thinking 'yes it is definitely time to go visit him at a shrine that is recognized by catholics and well other folks too. And I've never been to NOLA before.....' Before long my feet were walking me straight into the nearest bookshop and ten minutes later Im sitting sipping a coffee and reading Frommers Guide to NO :D

So, the plans are tentatively scheduled for sometime early May next year, 2013.

I'm praying to San Expedito to help me fund the trip. Today I picked up some more work, thanks to all my spirits, which will help contribute to the NOLA Fund. I also have some other work lined up.

And yesterday morning, as I was sitting at work, someone left this on my counter.

Now THATS synchronicity! Guess I'm off to NOLA next year!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

April 19th Feast of San Expedito

On this, my Santo's official Feast Day, I wish to pour out my eternal thanks to my wonderful spirit, Saint Expedite; Lord of the crossroads, Opener of the ways, Keeper of the keys, Remover of ALL obstacles, stresses and problems, Spirit of urgencies and emergencies, bringer of Luck Love Success Prosperity Abundance Justice.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my humble heart!

Forever your devotee,

Miss D

Friday, 13 April 2012

Saying Thank you.....

The most important thing, after RESPECT, in spirit work 101, at least in my books, is saying THANK YOU.

One would expect this to be an obvious point; it stands to reason that if someone does something nice for you, you say Thank you. It needn't be a long-winded acceptance speech, but something heartfelt, warm, and above all, sincere.

But I have been  shocked when I have read on other sites, or spoken with other workers who may not be so clued in, workers coming from an outside point of view of spirit work, with no real concept or understanding of just how these things work, that just saying THANK YOU for blessings and petitions received, is such a massive problem for them.

I've said it once, twice and what seems a million times over, and I'll say it again for good measure;you must ALWAYS say your sincerest thanks to a spirit, and pay them their due, once they have completed their work for you.

What in God's name makes you think that if a spirit has the power to grant you your wish, that they don't possess the same power to take it away AND punish you? Why else would you be fundamentally petitioning a spirit, if it wasn't to gain the favours of a higher power? Ipso facto then, you wouldn't want to go pissing them off, by not making good on promises and paying them their due.

This attitude and approach to spirit work I've seen alot, I'm sad to say, more recently, since living in the UK. Thankfully, I do not mingle with too many ninny heads, and most of my friends are very well clued in and jacked up on the correct ways to approach a spirit.

And REALLY! how hard is it to say Thank you? Spirits are not just there to serve our needs, listen to our whining and manifest all our heart's desire. 

There is this rather worrying trend I see that one can just pick a spirit or a saint for one day, call upon it's powers and presence, ask for them to bring X Y and Z, expect them to crack on with it, and then proverbially dump them once the XY and Z have been delivered. That has to be, for me, the dumbest approach to spirits.

Half the work involved in spirit work is creating a bond, a spiritual link and eventually a deep friendship with a spirit. It's a reciprocal relationship. Emphasis on RELATIONSHIP folks.

So....to that end. I should like to express my eternal thanks to my two most important and guiding spirits, who I enjoy an excellent relationship with. Because like all other relationships, I have put in the time, energy, love, devotion and money, and what I now have is beautiful and deeply moving relationship with them.

BOOM!  Spread their names! The Miracle-working San Expedito and THE QUEEN Santa Muerte!

God Bless folks!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Who Am I?

One night I was dancin' with a lady in black 

Wearin' black silk gloves and a black silk hat 

She looked at me longin' with black velvet eyes 

She gazed at me strange all cunning and wise 

Then I saw the flesh just fall off her bones 

The eyes in her skull was burning like coals 

Lord, have mercy, fire and brimstone 

I was dancin' with Mrs. D.

~Rolling Stones

Thursday, 29 March 2012

And the Work continues...

A Smiling Santa Muerte and Saint Expedite!

It may be time soon to make room for another surface to work on....

Ikea anyone?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Damn look at that candle GO!

Saint Expedite cleary enjoying his offerings; His candle ALWAYS burn like this, bright and tall, and are usually spent with an hour, no matter the size.

Glory to Saint Expedite, the miracle-working Saint.

Call upon Him should you need anything doing in a HURRY; he banishes blockages, removes obstacles, sits proudly at the crossroads, smoking His cigars, and will grant you pretty much anything. For a price.

Sprea His Holy name!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dynamic Duo

'The proof is in the pudding' or so the saying goes. In this case, I'm going to say it DEFINITELY applies!

My brilliant Dynamic Duo, the glorious road-opening Saint Expedite, and the all-powerful Santisima Muerte, have really been  pulling the rabbits outta the hat  for me these last couple of months. Allow me to explain...

I call them my Dynamic Duo, because they are just that. As separate spirits, they both are known to be hot and temperamental spirits who work fast, for a fee. But as a pair however, they work EXTREMELY TRIPLY UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUSLY INSANELY FAST! All this month they have been helping me out with issues that have been needing that sort of expediency.

My affection for them both has only gone from strength to strength each day; they have listened to my prayers, heard them, processed them, and worked their mojo! THANK YOU!!
This month's theme for me particularly is all about saving, as it probably is for most people most of the time, and with that in mind I plan to do some ongoing prosperity work with them; asking that they not only increase my finances, help me score big in the weekly Bonds lottery, and to make sure I'm always walking on gold, but also ask them to Protect my finances and investments. No good really, asking for loads of money if you cannot master it.

That then could be appropriately named the 'secret ingredient' to working Prosperity and Money Drawing Magic; always add a drop of protection,, because without it, you're money could go straight through your fingers!

Just as a note of caution(because folks we're dealing and working with POWERFUL spirits here), don't just go and willy nilly ask them to materialize ten bags full of gold at your feet, and thank you very much.
 I've said it time and time again to(it seems) loads of people; spirit work isn't a case of just lighting a candle and asking said entity to fix all your problems. Getting to know a spirit is key, as is building a relationship with them. Take the time and the effort, and you'll find you have a friend(or friends) for life. No jokes. 

So my warning is to those who aren't perhaps so up on the spirit 101 book. Be Respectful, Be Humble and show Faith in them.

Good luck and God bless!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Sometimes God gives us inspiration, other times He fills your head with dull nothingness, so when you decide, for example, to sit down to write about something on your blog post, you find yourself staring off into the ethereal and wondering what to cook for dinner.

That would be the case and the explanation for my 3 month hiatus from blogging. Not because I was shoulder- deep in magical work; not because I was off on mysterious journeys to exotic lands to meet with other sorcerers; no the more boring mundane explanation is that I've simply not been inspired.

Until today :)

So, first off I should probably wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Does anyone actually believe it? 2012. I feel slightly disorientated, even though I've had eleven whole days to get used to the new figures. Magically at least, I think it shall be a good year for me. Financially, well, this year's theme(as should every year to come!)is about constant, vigilant, ever-working money magic. Do I hear a HELL YEAH from the back of the theatre?

So, what is the inspiration for today's blog post? The answer is a spirit who I have become very close to in the past few months since returning to the Middle East. Her name is Santa Muerte, or La Santa Muerte, the Mexican Euro-Indigenous Aztec spirit of Death. In fact She is not death or a personification of death, but Death(with capitals) Herself. Now, boohoo to those who are not particularly familiar with Her, but I will not go into Her history as you can easily google Her and get a whole load of info. Ahhh the miracle of the internet! Suffice to say, she is an extremely powerful Lady, and one, as you could imagine being who She is, not to be played around with.
Now, perhaps you might be thinking 'what the HECK does a love conjurer have to do with a death saint', and I guess it would be a fair question to ask.

Perhaps going back to the beginning would help to set the record, at least MY own personal record, straight  with Her. I cannot speak for anyone else's experiences, so don't take this as law peeps.

I started getting signs from Santa Muerte at the beginning of last year. Now as a spiritual woman I work with God, my ancestors, my guardian spirit Saint Expedite, and sometimes others. But they are my main bosses :) Well, She started appearing to me in the most random places. On signs, flyers, leaflets, tee shirts, clay models. It got to become quite incessant. A bit like someone tapping on your door and continuing to tap until it becomes a frap and a sharp knock until they're banging the door down. That was the feeling. At this point folks, those of you who are not familiar with Her imagery should know that She appears as a bony skeleton, usually swathed in robes, carrying a scythe, sometimes a lamp, and always with Her favourite animal, the owl. She looks in fact like the female version of the European image of the Grim Reaper. This is how she was appearing to me, wherever I went.
I had known about Her for some time before She started making Herself known to me, about Her fierce reputation as a protector, a spirit who truly doesn't discriminate against anyone because we all effectively belong to Her. She is believed to yield power even over the saints, who were after all just as human as any of us at one point, and so Hers.

As a spirit She has a reputation for being a very powerful Lady, with the power and speed to grant almost every wish, for a price. She covers pretty much everything from Love to Prosperity to Justice work. It is ALL withine Her power. She is the ultimate unbiased nonjudgmental spirit. She is most credited for bringing back lovers and reconciling couples.

Now what I have experienced is this; She works EXTREMELY fast, hot fast, like red hot fast! It is scary how she can deliver for you. Let me give you two examples.
A few months back I got into a bit of hot water with a then best friend; the situation got out of hand, and personal information which the ex best friend knew about me, she and her partner were threatening to tell a whole bunch of other people. I need action fast, so I went to Santa Muerte and St. Expedite(by the way, you can't get any better than them together to really kick a work into gear!!)and asked for their help. I did a very impromptu Shut The Fuck Up type spell on both of them. Result? I get a call the next day saying they have decided to hold their tongues. Permanently. They have not uttered a word since. And I learnt that they weren't really the friends I thought they once were. RESULT! One day.
Second example. A couple of days ago, I set about working a Job Getting Money lamp, to find myself a new job in my new profession which I'd spent a good 4 months training in. Again I went to Santa Muerte and Saint Expedite. Result? I got a call today from my tutor offering me work at his college. RESULT! 1 week.

And She's being doing a lot of smaller things for me as well, like getting me back in touch with an ex partner, who I had felt for a long time that I needed some sort of official apology from. I asked for Her advice, the same night I dreamt that he came to me and apologized, and in the morning there was an email waiting for me from said ex, explaining his reasons for the way he had left things and apologizing, thus giving me closure.

Needless to say I love Her, and I ask for Her guidance in all matters now, along with my regular prayers to St Expedite. What a dynamite pair they are! Absolute firecrackers!

Now, obviously this blog needs to come with a caution; anyone who knows their spirit 101 will tell you that you don't bargain or promise something to a spirit without the full intention of following through. Well folks this is especially true for La Santissia Muerte, for She is Death Herself, so can only imagine how She might react if you piss Her off. No I am not saying She takes your life, or the life of another because you don't pay up in time, but you simply DO NOT want to mess with Her. I am speaking here now to those of you who will suddenly have the bright idea to go start asking Her for favours. I must mention that even after having accepted Her into my life, I was and still am very cautious and careful when speaking with Her. She is after all Death, not to be afraid of, but definitely not to be messed with. It took me a while of sitting with Her, just sitting and introducing myself, and telling Her about small trivial things to establish some sort of contact. She generates a very motherly type of feeling, but a very very heavy one. This is more of a warning to novices to spirit work in general, do NOT entire into Her domain lightly, wait for Her to call to you.

As ever folks, please feel free to comment and rate

God Bless folks! and a very happy 2012!

Miss D