Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Guzzling the candles....

Saint Expedite has been absolutely demolishing the candle offerings these past few weeks, probably because I haven't been paynig him enough attention!

He usually likes to take his time with them, allowing them to burn at a speedy but unhasty pace; however recently he's been completely gobbling them down so that a candle that would usually burn for approximately 6-7 hours straight through, is now being consumed in under an hour! phew! He's probably thinking he better get his due in as he doesn't know when the next one is coming.
You see he IS used to a daily offering from me, but due to my schedule becoming alot busier recently, I've been finding less and less time for myself and the spirits, and consequently I've been neglecting him somewhat.

So with that in mind, I decided to go on the hunt for a site dedicated to the miracle worker and place up a daily 'offering' online. A note to those who aren't familiar with this saint, he likes, amongst other things, having his name spread and broadcast, whether that be though a newspaper, word of mouth, email, text, bbm, skype etc etc! As long as his name is out there!

Check out this site I came across!   http://saintexpedite.org/index.html

I encourage everybody who's received results from this glorious spirit to post up a word of thanks!


God bless

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You are cordially invited....

Evening folks! I hope everyone is well and dandy.

I would like to make a brief mention about my lecture which will be, Inshallah, taking place sometime around mid July 2012.

I will be presenting a talk about my own personal experiences with Saint Expedite; speaking about my first encounters with this powerful spirit as a child, and his subsequent involvement in my life up till now.
I plan to be making particular mention of my work as a love conjurer, and the way he has aided me in that. But I also hope to point out his many other functions and possibilities which I have discovered over the years, having him as one of my primary guiding spirits.

The lecture is being hosted at The Moot With No Name, an organised weekly gathering of magicians and like-minded folk by the Geraldine Beskin of the Atlantis Bookshop in London.

Please visit her website at http://www.theatlantisbookshopevents.com/page2.htm for any more info regarding the Moot.

As the lecture is not scheduled till next year, the date remains unconfirmed, so please check back regularly for updates.

It seems almost rather amusing to me that this has come about at this point in my life; as some of you might know and be aware of, Saint Expedite is one of those spirits who demands payment for work received. The other night as I sat at my desk pondering over different recipes for Follow Me Boy, I suddnenly got the message from him that he wanted his name to be spread even further than I have ever done before. And then the idea of presenting a lecture about him popped into my mind.

That Eureka moment I spoke of in my first blog? This would be one of them!

Nitey nite folks


Due to unforseen circumstances, I will not be
presenting this talk to Atlantis.
Which is a crying shame, as I was really looking forward
to doing it :(
Circumstances have meant that I will, for the forseeable future,
be staying put where I am.