Friday, 16 September 2011

My Man!

Saint Expedite, glorious miracle-working saint, opener of the roads, patron of people who wish for a speedy solution, financial benefactor etc.... And my very close friend and personal guiding spirit.

It's very hard for me, even now, to explain just how tight I am with this amazing spirit. I think back to the countless times he has lent me his helping hand, given me sage advice, opened up my roads, guided me on my path, shown me hidden messages, double meanings, bombarded me with signs, traversed with me across the Veil, and I get emotional and feel nothing but gratitude for the amount of favour I enjoy with him.

Sometimes he is Saint Expedite, a powerful granter of  wishes; other times he can become something altogether much more primal and dark. He can be the Holy Infant Child in his benign form, or the keeper of the crossroads, the opener and closer of the ways. He becomes Papa Legba for me.

He is one of my greatest sources of comfort, strength, guidance, and inspiration.

Over the fourteen or so years that I have been working with him, he has aided me in matters of money, financial gain, good luck, all my love cases, as well as my hot footing and curse work. And he has never let me down. He has ALWAYS pulled through for me.

He is a great protector as well, and I pray to him constantly to keep me and my own safe from all harm, spiritual and physical.

He is a grand spirit who demands grand payment, but he can also accept humble donations, when given with a sincere heart. I am reminded of a few years back when I first moved to London and I was broke, living in an apartment I couldn't afford, and jobless. When I asked for help, all I had to offer  him was a candle and some water. Within a week, I got a job.

So if you ever need a helping hand, if you want that job now, if you desperately need that money to cover the mortgage, if that lover has cheated on you and now you want them out of the house PRONTO, then do no hesitate to call upon him with a completely honest and open heart and he'll hear you. He might not manisfest your desire exacty how you imagined it, but this is one spirit who gets the job done!

Eternal thanks to you Glorious Saint Expedite! Spread his name people!


  1. As long as the job gets done then the road that leads the caller there should be taken with blind faith.
    I'll remember the name..Glorious Saint Expedite!