Friday, 13 April 2012

Saying Thank you.....

The most important thing, after RESPECT, in spirit work 101, at least in my books, is saying THANK YOU.

One would expect this to be an obvious point; it stands to reason that if someone does something nice for you, you say Thank you. It needn't be a long-winded acceptance speech, but something heartfelt, warm, and above all, sincere.

But I have been  shocked when I have read on other sites, or spoken with other workers who may not be so clued in, workers coming from an outside point of view of spirit work, with no real concept or understanding of just how these things work, that just saying THANK YOU for blessings and petitions received, is such a massive problem for them.

I've said it once, twice and what seems a million times over, and I'll say it again for good measure;you must ALWAYS say your sincerest thanks to a spirit, and pay them their due, once they have completed their work for you.

What in God's name makes you think that if a spirit has the power to grant you your wish, that they don't possess the same power to take it away AND punish you? Why else would you be fundamentally petitioning a spirit, if it wasn't to gain the favours of a higher power? Ipso facto then, you wouldn't want to go pissing them off, by not making good on promises and paying them their due.

This attitude and approach to spirit work I've seen alot, I'm sad to say, more recently, since living in the UK. Thankfully, I do not mingle with too many ninny heads, and most of my friends are very well clued in and jacked up on the correct ways to approach a spirit.

And REALLY! how hard is it to say Thank you? Spirits are not just there to serve our needs, listen to our whining and manifest all our heart's desire. 

There is this rather worrying trend I see that one can just pick a spirit or a saint for one day, call upon it's powers and presence, ask for them to bring X Y and Z, expect them to crack on with it, and then proverbially dump them once the XY and Z have been delivered. That has to be, for me, the dumbest approach to spirits.

Half the work involved in spirit work is creating a bond, a spiritual link and eventually a deep friendship with a spirit. It's a reciprocal relationship. Emphasis on RELATIONSHIP folks. that end. I should like to express my eternal thanks to my two most important and guiding spirits, who I enjoy an excellent relationship with. Because like all other relationships, I have put in the time, energy, love, devotion and money, and what I now have is beautiful and deeply moving relationship with them.

BOOM!  Spread their names! The Miracle-working San Expedito and THE QUEEN Santa Muerte!

God Bless folks!

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