Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dynamic Duo

'The proof is in the pudding' or so the saying goes. In this case, I'm going to say it DEFINITELY applies!

My brilliant Dynamic Duo, the glorious road-opening Saint Expedite, and the all-powerful Santisima Muerte, have really been  pulling the rabbits outta the hat  for me these last couple of months. Allow me to explain...

I call them my Dynamic Duo, because they are just that. As separate spirits, they both are known to be hot and temperamental spirits who work fast, for a fee. But as a pair however, they work EXTREMELY TRIPLY UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUSLY INSANELY FAST! All this month they have been helping me out with issues that have been needing that sort of expediency.

My affection for them both has only gone from strength to strength each day; they have listened to my prayers, heard them, processed them, and worked their mojo! THANK YOU!!
This month's theme for me particularly is all about saving, as it probably is for most people most of the time, and with that in mind I plan to do some ongoing prosperity work with them; asking that they not only increase my finances, help me score big in the weekly Bonds lottery, and to make sure I'm always walking on gold, but also ask them to Protect my finances and investments. No good really, asking for loads of money if you cannot master it.

That then could be appropriately named the 'secret ingredient' to working Prosperity and Money Drawing Magic; always add a drop of protection,, because without it, you're money could go straight through your fingers!

Just as a note of caution(because folks we're dealing and working with POWERFUL spirits here), don't just go and willy nilly ask them to materialize ten bags full of gold at your feet, and thank you very much.
 I've said it time and time again to(it seems) loads of people; spirit work isn't a case of just lighting a candle and asking said entity to fix all your problems. Getting to know a spirit is key, as is building a relationship with them. Take the time and the effort, and you'll find you have a friend(or friends) for life. No jokes. 

So my warning is to those who aren't perhaps so up on the spirit 101 book. Be Respectful, Be Humble and show Faith in them.

Good luck and God bless!

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