Sunday, 23 September 2012


Whilst browsing the other evening on a few forums dedicated to talks about spirit work, I came across a thread about my Lady la Santissima Muerte. On it, one person mused that when thinking of taking up some work with La Senora de Las Sombras, she should come with a DISCLAIMER; a warning to those who may be unprepared to take on the responsibility.
I'd like to just add my two cents to that comment. First of all, you DO NOT work with La Santissima Muerte; SHE works with YOU. In a worrying recent trend, it seems as if every conjurer, every magician and sorceress is jumping on the Santa Muerte wagon, eager to proclaim their allegience to this powerful spirit with such a fierce reuptation. But let me ask you something; how many of these folkies have really sat down and realized that it is DEATH they are conjuring? Now, I'm not saying  their calling isn't legit. It's not for me to decided that obviously; what you've got going on with your own spirits is your business. But in this worrying trend, it just seems as if too many people are saying they are 'working' with her, without possibly not understanding the implications of that statement.
There is a reason why she has such a fierce reuptation; She is DEATH. Did anyone miss that? OK, again for the cheap seats in the back, SHE IS DEATH HERSELF. She is NOT some version of the Wiccan Goddess; you cannot lump her with Diana Astarte Bastet Innana. That would just be insulting, to all those spirits origins. Some say she is the modern reincarnation of Michtecacihuatl, the Aztec goddess of death and the underworld. Her followers range from the most docile and innocent, to the drugs cartel warlords, prostitutes and criminals.
Now, with all this in mind, do these folks truly understand her nature? I was called by her just over a year ago now. I had heard of her infamous reputation; her power to bring back wandering estranged lovers, grant any manner of wishes, and fufill all hopes and dreams. Yet I was also very much aware of her much darker, primal aspect; her ability to handle and deliver justice to wrongdoers in whatever gruesome way she deemed appropriate.
I spent an entire year thinking over the idea of asking her for assistance and her blessings, and over the course of the yeat I received numerous signs. I would see her image EVERYWHERE. She would turn up in the most unlikely places; once she even appeared, with her owl and scythe, in a painting, in a little art gallery. She also used to turn up in my dreams. IN one particularly moving dream, I saw myself before three seperate altars, all carrying images, votives and statues of her in her three primal colours, receiving her blessings. ONLY then did I know for sure that she was tying to speak to me.
A year on, and I cannot even begin to express my thanks for all the work she has helped me with.
But am I still afraid and apprehensive of her? YOU BET! Only now, there is a more revering, loving respectul fear of her.
So, to sum up, I think the person who said that she should come with a disclaimer, was on the right tracks. She will ONLY work with you, if she has come to you and personally plucked you out of the bunch.
My warning, if anyone is interested to adhere, is DONT go looking for her, She will come to YOU, if that is what she wants.
She is the most Holy Death, the Santissima Muerte, the ultimate Judge. And I love her.
Gracias Santa Muerte por todo en mi vida!

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