Monday, 29 August 2011

A warm fuzzy welcome!

Hello everybody and welcome to the I Dream of Djinni site! I shall start this blog off by inaugurating it in the name of my spirits and ancestors who I ackowledge and work with.

There are two main reasons I can think of off the top of my head, as to why this blog is currently up and running and taking up a small corner of the net.

Firstly, it has been in the proverbial works for quite a while now; to create an online journal of sorts to record and share my thoughts, feelings, fears and experiences, plus all the fun things in between, as a practicing folk magic conjurer in living and doing the work in today's modern times.

I don't really have a solid answer at this moment in time as to why I am being led to do this so publicly, but as anyone who has worked with and developed a symbiotic ongoing relationship with spirits will tell you, you learn to roll with the impulses they send you and try not to question it too much, even though it may seem pointless at the time. There is always a EUREKA moment at some point, but until then I think I shall quite enjoy the experience! And of course I hope you shall too...

My other reason for the existence of this blog is to specifically record my foragings and findings as I conduct a field research into the soceries of the Middle Eastern magicians.

Perhaps this would be the opportune time to talk alittle about myself, my background, and how I came to be on the path of a conjurer... So here goes! Please bear in mind this is a very annotated 'in-a-nutshell' overview of my life so far...

I spent my childhood growing up in the Middle East, a childhood filled with imaginary play friends, scary spirits, fanciful fairies and wish-granting Djinn. At still a fairly young age, I was committing random acts of magic; my earliest memory of this is tracing the boundary of the family villa and it's extensive garden with salt, to keep the 'baddies' out.
My mother was the very inspiration for my first tentative walks into the magical realms; she would always tell me that however softly I whispered something, the Gods would always be able to hear. She would tell me how the Gods were everywhere, omnipresent and all-seeing, and that they even called out through the Cuban music she always used to having blasting out from the stereo. In this way I learnt the names of Chango, Ellegua and Yemaja.
As I grew up and continued to talk to spirits of places, or genius loci, I began to develop a knack for divining and atmy mother's encouragement, I was bought my first tarot pack at thirteen years old. Being a precocious but somewhat fidgety and restless child, I didn't take to them very well, and soon got bored with the seemingly long and arduous task of learning all the meanings of the Arcanas. Besides, my hands were small and I found it very hard indeed to shuffles them! So I put them aside and instead experimented with the pendulum, dowsing rods and even dice divination, none of which I found any specific resonance with. In what seemed like perfect divine timing, in stepped a manky pack of playing cards, which I remember always being kept in the cards drawer of a desk. When I stumbled upon them, I was immediately taken with their oldy look and feel and began a reading there and then. I hadn't the faintest idea how to read them, I just fanned them out in front of me and began seeing moving people, places and situations! It was as if I were looking at a mini movie screen! To this day, I still use the same cards, and I still don't have a clue as to what the traditional meanings are...

My interest in magic and the occult came side by side with the divining, and it wasn't long before I was writing out spells, making up formulae, and finding any excuse for getting out my magical 'grimoire'.
Fast forward a few more pre pubecsent years, and I started high school which introduced me to boys. Now I had a legit reason for wanting to do magic; to make me popular with all of them! Suffice to say that my days as a teenager in high school were filled with enchantments to turn guys heads, make me shine, and ultimately get asked out! enough said!

It was somewhere around this point in my life that I met the spirit who was to become my guide and protector. Up until then I had always just referred to the spirits in the plural and in general, but I was getting a specific knock knocking on my door that I just had to answer.
 It's been a long journey with him, and over the years he has provided me with comfort, strength, fortitude, courage and his blessings  to do the work.

I term myself a conjurer and more specifically, a hoodoo, because that is the tradition of folk magic I work within. I was working the hoodoo a long time before I discovered it even had a name! I was working it before it became the 'in' thing to do. I have had many teachers of the years, all masters in their own right, of the knowledge they acquired and passed on to me.
I also work with spirits, for I am spirit led.

Over the years of working mainly for myself and friends, I have found I have a true knack for magic of the love and the lust variety. It seems to just be something Im genuinely very good at, and I enjoy a high personal track record. As I like to put it, I am a spinner of enchantments to flutter the heart and warm the parts, if ya dig!
Certainly it's not the only type of magic I do, but it is my particular speciality and concern.

Which leads me to where I am now; at a crossroads. I have, for the last two years, been forcibly dragged by my spirits into the understanding that my path leads to me becoming a professional spellcaster and conjurer. To help people in whatever way I can, if I can. To give solace to a grieving girl who's just had her first break up, to give aid to the young lady who just wants to find her prince, to the cute but painfully shy man who just wants a certain Ms to notice him, to the married lady who wants to reconcile with her estranged husband, to the bloke that wants a threesome with two midgets!

 And so on and so on and so on....

All in all it's been a struggle to get to this point in my spiritual life and it seems it's about to get even rockier I think... Aha! EUREKA!


God bless folks x

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  1. A great and magically inspiring opening to what I'm sure will be an incredible journey across the mysteries and magic of the Arabian Peninsula