Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Sometimes God gives us inspiration, other times He fills your head with dull nothingness, so when you decide, for example, to sit down to write about something on your blog post, you find yourself staring off into the ethereal and wondering what to cook for dinner.

That would be the case and the explanation for my 3 month hiatus from blogging. Not because I was shoulder- deep in magical work; not because I was off on mysterious journeys to exotic lands to meet with other sorcerers; no the more boring mundane explanation is that I've simply not been inspired.

Until today :)

So, first off I should probably wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Does anyone actually believe it? 2012. I feel slightly disorientated, even though I've had eleven whole days to get used to the new figures. Magically at least, I think it shall be a good year for me. Financially, well, this year's theme(as should every year to come!)is about constant, vigilant, ever-working money magic. Do I hear a HELL YEAH from the back of the theatre?

So, what is the inspiration for today's blog post? The answer is a spirit who I have become very close to in the past few months since returning to the Middle East. Her name is Santa Muerte, or La Santa Muerte, the Mexican Euro-Indigenous Aztec spirit of Death. In fact She is not death or a personification of death, but Death(with capitals) Herself. Now, boohoo to those who are not particularly familiar with Her, but I will not go into Her history as you can easily google Her and get a whole load of info. Ahhh the miracle of the internet! Suffice to say, she is an extremely powerful Lady, and one, as you could imagine being who She is, not to be played around with.
Now, perhaps you might be thinking 'what the HECK does a love conjurer have to do with a death saint', and I guess it would be a fair question to ask.

Perhaps going back to the beginning would help to set the record, at least MY own personal record, straight  with Her. I cannot speak for anyone else's experiences, so don't take this as law peeps.

I started getting signs from Santa Muerte at the beginning of last year. Now as a spiritual woman I work with God, my ancestors, my guardian spirit Saint Expedite, and sometimes others. But they are my main bosses :) Well, She started appearing to me in the most random places. On signs, flyers, leaflets, tee shirts, clay models. It got to become quite incessant. A bit like someone tapping on your door and continuing to tap until it becomes a frap and a sharp knock until they're banging the door down. That was the feeling. At this point folks, those of you who are not familiar with Her imagery should know that She appears as a bony skeleton, usually swathed in robes, carrying a scythe, sometimes a lamp, and always with Her favourite animal, the owl. She looks in fact like the female version of the European image of the Grim Reaper. This is how she was appearing to me, wherever I went.
I had known about Her for some time before She started making Herself known to me, about Her fierce reputation as a protector, a spirit who truly doesn't discriminate against anyone because we all effectively belong to Her. She is believed to yield power even over the saints, who were after all just as human as any of us at one point, and so Hers.

As a spirit She has a reputation for being a very powerful Lady, with the power and speed to grant almost every wish, for a price. She covers pretty much everything from Love to Prosperity to Justice work. It is ALL withine Her power. She is the ultimate unbiased nonjudgmental spirit. She is most credited for bringing back lovers and reconciling couples.

Now what I have experienced is this; She works EXTREMELY fast, hot fast, like red hot fast! It is scary how she can deliver for you. Let me give you two examples.
A few months back I got into a bit of hot water with a then best friend; the situation got out of hand, and personal information which the ex best friend knew about me, she and her partner were threatening to tell a whole bunch of other people. I need action fast, so I went to Santa Muerte and St. Expedite(by the way, you can't get any better than them together to really kick a work into gear!!)and asked for their help. I did a very impromptu Shut The Fuck Up type spell on both of them. Result? I get a call the next day saying they have decided to hold their tongues. Permanently. They have not uttered a word since. And I learnt that they weren't really the friends I thought they once were. RESULT! One day.
Second example. A couple of days ago, I set about working a Job Getting Money lamp, to find myself a new job in my new profession which I'd spent a good 4 months training in. Again I went to Santa Muerte and Saint Expedite. Result? I got a call today from my tutor offering me work at his college. RESULT! 1 week.

And She's being doing a lot of smaller things for me as well, like getting me back in touch with an ex partner, who I had felt for a long time that I needed some sort of official apology from. I asked for Her advice, the same night I dreamt that he came to me and apologized, and in the morning there was an email waiting for me from said ex, explaining his reasons for the way he had left things and apologizing, thus giving me closure.

Needless to say I love Her, and I ask for Her guidance in all matters now, along with my regular prayers to St Expedite. What a dynamite pair they are! Absolute firecrackers!

Now, obviously this blog needs to come with a caution; anyone who knows their spirit 101 will tell you that you don't bargain or promise something to a spirit without the full intention of following through. Well folks this is especially true for La Santissia Muerte, for She is Death Herself, so can only imagine how She might react if you piss Her off. No I am not saying She takes your life, or the life of another because you don't pay up in time, but you simply DO NOT want to mess with Her. I am speaking here now to those of you who will suddenly have the bright idea to go start asking Her for favours. I must mention that even after having accepted Her into my life, I was and still am very cautious and careful when speaking with Her. She is after all Death, not to be afraid of, but definitely not to be messed with. It took me a while of sitting with Her, just sitting and introducing myself, and telling Her about small trivial things to establish some sort of contact. She generates a very motherly type of feeling, but a very very heavy one. This is more of a warning to novices to spirit work in general, do NOT entire into Her domain lightly, wait for Her to call to you.

As ever folks, please feel free to comment and rate

God Bless folks! and a very happy 2012!

Miss D

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