Friday, 21 September 2012

The Hiatus. And the Satisfaction

Most breaks are planned; you plan when you're going to go on that bi-annual vacay; you plan when you're going to take that week off because work is getting too stressful; you plan when you're going to be out of town for a month, on a trek across the countryside.

My haitus, as we shall call it, was not planned. I did not plan to take any sort of break from hoodoo, but spirits tend to work on thir own agenda, and a break is exactly what I got. A two month one, as a it transpired.
During that time, I found myself diverted by all manner of pretty things ;) Not once in that whole time, however, did I forget the allegience I owe to my spirits, but I did not perform any sort of working during that period. Some would say, and I would agree under other circumstances, that when you have no juju to do, it must mean you're life is ticking along pretty well.
Well, as life would ultimately have it, it WAS a potentional disaster that had me heading for my workspace to carry out some emergency jujuing!
And my mighty Dynamic Duo came through for me once again! Not nearly an hour after finishing the first round of 'assaults', and I recieved a sign that the work has been put into motion and is working. NOW THAT IS HOODOO at it's best folks!

Apart from my mighty spirits, I also had the aid of a certain wonderful friend, also a professional Hoodoo, and together we NAILED IT. Praise!

So, with that all in mind, I am officially back in business. What a Snap Crackle and Pop moment!
Below is a list of my specialities; please note that NONE of these services come without a reading/consultation and prior consent of my spirits. If you are interested in getting in touch with me, I am available on my profesional email at
PLEASE don't ask me to do anything for free; just don't.

*Inspiring Love and Lust and Commitment in a SPECIFIC target(I do not do general love attraction spells)
*Break up
*Reconciliation of a couple


For varying reasons, this is only type of work I offer at the moment.

God bless!

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