Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Guzzling the candles....

Saint Expedite has been absolutely demolishing the candle offerings these past few weeks, probably because I haven't been paynig him enough attention!

He usually likes to take his time with them, allowing them to burn at a speedy but unhasty pace; however recently he's been completely gobbling them down so that a candle that would usually burn for approximately 6-7 hours straight through, is now being consumed in under an hour! phew! He's probably thinking he better get his due in as he doesn't know when the next one is coming.
You see he IS used to a daily offering from me, but due to my schedule becoming alot busier recently, I've been finding less and less time for myself and the spirits, and consequently I've been neglecting him somewhat.

So with that in mind, I decided to go on the hunt for a site dedicated to the miracle worker and place up a daily 'offering' online. A note to those who aren't familiar with this saint, he likes, amongst other things, having his name spread and broadcast, whether that be though a newspaper, word of mouth, email, text, bbm, skype etc etc! As long as his name is out there!

Check out this site I came across!   http://saintexpedite.org/index.html

I encourage everybody who's received results from this glorious spirit to post up a word of thanks!


God bless

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